About Me

About Me

Name: Risa
Age: 24
Birthday: Dec 3rd
Location: USA
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 5 ft | 152 cm
Favorite Brands: Angelic Pretty, BTSSB, Atelier Boz, Atelier Pierrot

Hello, I'm Risa! I made this blog of sorts since I have some nostalgia, and I like lolita fashion. I also like to draw, and some of the graphics (like the image above) were drawn by me! Thanks for checking out my blog.

100 Questions for Lolita

1. Please tell us your Name, Birthday and Where You're From.
Risa, 12/03, I'm from the USA!

2. What is your Height, Weight, Clothes Size and Shoe Size?
I'm 152 cm (5 ft), 114 lb (51 kg), my clothes size is usually a Small - Medium, and my shoe size is US 7

3. Why did you start wearing Lolita Fashion?
I was into lolita fashion for such a long time, since I was a teenager. I discovered it, but I don't really remember how I got into it. All I know is that I would read blogs nonstop about lolita, and tried to learn a lot about it.

4. What's your favourite genre(style) of Lolita?
My favorite is Sweet, but I also really enjoy Gothic lolita. I have a spot in my heart for Old School because at the time I was learning, those older styles were still kind of popular.