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Wardrobe Coords Dream Dresses


-When did you first see lolita?
It must've been ages ago. I think I saw it on Google Images? It's honestly hard to say. The first time I saw lolita in person was maybe 2016 though.
-What is your favourite lolita memory?
Browsing through lolita blogs learning about the fashion for the first time.
-Have you had any dreams about lolita?
I once dreamt that I finally got an Usakumya Rucksack. I was so happy I was dancing with it! Then I got woken up, with no Usakumya in sight LOL
-What is the strangest thing you have done in lolita?
-Do you match your room with your aesthetic?
I wish! I'm trying to redecorate it, but my room doesn't look like my aesthetic at all.
-Is there such thing as a lolita "lifestyle"?
I think so.
-Do you listen to "lolita music"?
Here and there. I'm still very much a fan of Versailles Philharmonic Quintet, and I still like Kanon Wakeshima. I've recently gotten into Malice Mizer.
-What is your worst lolita memory?
Definitely the time I went to an Easter parade, and because I was wearing hime lolita, I got crowded over with photos from strangers that I never gave permission to. I even had an elderly tourist couple whack my arm to get me to look at the camera, and they didn't even say anything to me beforehand.
-If you could make any lolita brand could do a collab with any brand, what would that collab be?
I'd want to see Angelic Pretty collab with Moi Meme Moitie. I'd just love to see what that would create.
-What sort of lolita advice would you give to your younger self?
Well, the youngest I started out learning about lolita was 14. I'd tell her not to bother buying so many "office" style blouses. I would not be using them in lolita. I've only been doing lolita for almost 2 years now, so the advice I'd tell my past self would be to learn hairstyling, and nails sooner than now.

-What is your dream piece?
Ahh I have so many. But right now, I'd really love to have Fantasic/Fantastic Dolly in the pink JSK! I have the Marine Kingdom OP in Sax, but I really want the dress in the JSK cut too.
-Where do you buy most of your wardrobe from? (i e: lacemarket, direct from brands, etc)
Half of it is LaceMarket, the other half is TaoBao, closetchild, and some are directly from brands.
-What was your best purchase?
I think the happiest purchase I had was my Marine Kingdom OP, and Honey Cake by AP. These are two dresses I was really shocked that I even got.
-What was your worst purchasing experience?
The time I got scammed on LaceMarket LOL
-What's the most expensive piece in your wardrobe?
Cat's Tea Party. I got it secondhand, and it is the re-released MTO one of 2018.
-What's the best bargain brand that you own?
Hmmmm. I don't think I have one? Although comparatively, I did get a really nice AP cutsew for only $50 USD.
-What is the most interesting way you've acquired a piece in your wardrobe?
I don't think I've had any interesting ways haha
-Have you ever bought used socks?
Nope nope
-What is a dress that you're searching for, but have never seen again since release?
Hmmmm. Nothing that I can think of really. I'd say maybe a couple TaoBao dresses? Sometimes they're hard to find secondhand.
-Has your coord ever been ruined by an incorrect stock picture, either in product itself or in colour?
Not yet haha I'm really worried about that kinda thing, and it's a problem with shoes.
-What is something you regret buying?
Some Bodyline JSKs. Squirrel Party was really cute, but it looked awful on me! I ended up selling it.
-Have you ever bought a dress you knew a friend or comm member wanted to buy?
I don't really get in touch with my comm, and I only have one friend who's into lolita. I haven't come across something like that yet lol
-Favorite brand?
Angelic Pretty!
-Whats your favorite color combination?
Sax, Pink, and Yellow
-Do you focus on making your wardrobe cohesive?
A little bit, but not really. I like a lot of different lolita styles, and since I'm still in my early years of doing this fashion, I want to try all different sorts of styles
-Who were your biggest non-celebrity lolita influences? (that is, someone who influenced your style but is not a youtuber, model, artist, etc.)
Hmmmmmmmm - I'd say tokimeki.bunny on Instagram. I have a lot of influences, but I think she is the only one who's not a YouTuber and such?
-Do you let social media influence your coord decision?
Sometimes LOL I'm not the best at making coords, so often I look at how others may do theirs and try to add my own touch to it.
-What drew you to the substyles you wear?
Originally, when I got interested in this fashion, I was convinced I'd wear gothic and classic. My style outside of lolita is actually more towards gothic/dark alternative styles. When I started buying lolita, I was a little bit tired of doing a dark aesthetic all the time. I wanted to try something different. I wasn't really against colors, I just thought I'd never look good wearing lighter colors and pastels. I wasn't used to it. But then when I started actually buying stuff in lolita, I suddenly realized how cute Sweet prints were. For one thing, I was obsessed with marine themed prints. I love the ocean and undersea animals, so seeing things like Marine Kingdom, Aquarium Carnival, Dream Marine, or Lost in Sea were so beautiful to me. The colors kinda reminded me of those old Barbie movies. The next thing I knew, I was getting a bunch of pastel stuff. I think the pastel colors and bright pinks just made me really happy, and made me realize I had put away a part of me that really liked this stuff.
-What is a substyle you wouldn't wear?
I guess I'm not really interested in stuff like guro lolita, wa lolita, or steampunk.
-What fashion were you involved in before you started wearing lolita? Did it influence your styling choices?
Gothic, or punk style fashions. No it did not LOL
-How has your style change from when you first started wearing lolita to now?
Well, I certainly try to style my hair a lot more. I also am more picky with where I buy from, but I think my general styling is the same. It hasn't been that long since I started wearing the fashion, so it's hard to say LOL
-What is your go-to coord?
When I'm lazy, I do a comfy coord with Diamond Honey's Snowball, or Angelic Pretty's Chest Switching Striped JSK.
-What would you say is your most experimental coord?
I can't say I have any haha all my coords are very basic right now. I'd like to do more experimental coords, but I don't think I have the accessories for it!
-What's the weirdest or most unconventional thing you've used as inspiration for a coord?
Same answer as above, I don't think I have anything like that for right now lmao
-What's a lolita style you'd like to wear but are otherwise to scared or broke to try?
Oh my God so many. I'd love to try Pirate, and a very elaborate OTT Hime. I'd also love to try to make an ero coord, but I'm terrified of how it'd come out. I'd really have to think about that one.
-Have you expanded your interest in other J fashion outside of lolita?
Yes, very much so! I gained an interest in fairy kei, and have a small wardrobe for it. I've also gotten an interest in gyaru, and even just Japanese-style gothic.

-What is the most popular brand in your wardrobe?
Angelic Pretty!
-What are the most common motifs in your wardrobe?
Ocean, marine themes, and/or animals
-What are some of your dream print ideas?
Literally just mermaids. So many mermaids, and sea life. Another one would be a print with cute snakes on it, or even a gothic print, but the main motif is snakes.
-What is your favourite accessory?
As of right now, this Chocomint candy necklace I have
-What is your favourite type of headpiece to wear in lolita?
I think headbows. Mostly because they're not hard to style with.
-Other than a petticoat, what is an item that every lolita must own?
A versatile blouse
-What's your favorite off-brand or indie piece?
I have a bunny headbow from PopxParade
-Do you own more gold or silver jewelry?
I'd say silver.
-What is one lolita "rule" that you like to break?
I don't think this is really a rule, but wearing bloomers?? I don't see a need in it really. But then again, I hear horror stories of people getting their skirts lifted. I just wear comfy shorts, but bloomers are cute.
-What's your cheapest coord? What's your most expensive coord?
I'd say my Diamond Honey comfy coord haha for cheapest haha. As for expensive, I wanna say my coord for Cat's Tea Party - but that's only because I got it secondhand for so much. I'd say in truth, my hime coord with my Hinana Queena Rococo OP. The bonnet for it was a lot, and so were the shoes.
-How do you launder your dresses?
Handwash only, with The Laundress detergent.
-Do you think a lolita wardrobe can ever be complete?
Probably yes, but it'll always be evolving.

-What was the first meet you attended?
An online Zoom meet with my comm LOL
-Do you prefer a large comm or a smaller, more tight knit comm?
Large comm.
-Do you participate in lolita communities in languages other than your native one?
-How has your comm changed since you've joined the fashion?
I barely really know my comm. I don't speak with them often.
-What is your go-to meetup spot?
None so far haha
-What is your dream meetup?
Honestly....anything like those tea parties held by brands. I've never been to one, but a big event like that with a lot of lolitas would be amazing.
-What's the farthest you've traveled for a meetup?
I haven't travelled for a meet up
-What's a meetup you got planned for when gatherings are safe?
Well - I haven't really planned any meet ups either.
-What's the weirdest thing that happened at a meetup?
-What's the weirdest or funniest concrit you have gotten?
Hmm nothing yet. I guess I could say the time a girl from my school, who didn't know what lolita was, started giving me criticism on my outift? It wasn't really that bad though.
-What is the best concrit you have received?
Definitely on my posing, and choice of shoes.

-What is your favorite response to randoms asking why you are dressed up?
"I just like wearing this."
-What's your favorite compliment from a stranger?
I had a little girl in my apartment complex tell me she likes my dress
-What has been the strangest reaction from a member of the public?
The time an elderly couple whacked my arm to take a picture, the times I've had tourist shove their big cameras at me to take pictures, the time this woman called me Bo Peep, and the time this woman wouldn't stop exaggerating her actions to show that she was staring at me. Her husband then said "Take a picture, it'll last longer," in order to get her to leave me alone.
-How do you deal with strangers that make you uncomfortable?
I usually just ignore them, or keep walking. That or I go into a store.
-Do you allow strangers to take pictures of you?
If they ask politely. Otherwise, no.

-What is your lolita pet peeve?
Newbies/People who don't even wear the fashion acting like they have more experience than people who've been wearing it.
-If you could name the fashion anything else what would you call it?
Alice-kei probably. People would hear the name Alice, and it'd be a much better image in their head in my opinion.
-Is “oldschool” actually a useful term, or is it just an arbitrary descriptor for our conception of what lolita used to be, as opposed to what lolita actually was?
I think it's useful in a sense.
-What are thoughts on mixing other jfashions with lolita (ex. menhera-lolita, mori-lolita, fairy-lolita)?
I think if done right, they can look really interesting. Thing is, I think you'd have to understand both jfashions in order to put together a good coord.
-What do you think about mixing drag with lolita?
I'm not a fan of it. I actually really like drag, and it's great. But I also feel like if drag and lolita are to be done, it should be a good coordinate first and formost? I haven't really seen any good drag and lolita coords, but I'm sure there must be a way to do it well.
-What one lolita fad would you delete from existence?
Trying to be salty/edgy.
-What do you think will be a fad in the future?
I'm no good at predicting this sort of thing haha I honestly can't come up with an answer
-What's something you'd like to see change in the lolita community?
More nuance in the fashion I think? Without getting too far from what lolita is. Also, a bigger emphasis on hair, nails, and makeup. It doesn't have to be super elaborate, and I think people should still have the choice on whether to do those aspects, but I think hair/nails/makeup is a big part of fashion as much as the outfits are.
-How do you feel about /cgl/?
I try not to think about it as much as I can. But I know it's affected my manner of posting. I mean, I cover my face in every photo.
-Do you hate Die Walkure?
Nah. I understand why there's such controversary around it though.
-Have you ever seriously considered leaving the fashion, and if so, why?
Not really, no. Not seriously at least.