Hello! I'm Risa. Welcome to my personal lolita site! I'm relearning HTML and CSS, so updates will be slow, though hopefully frequent. Thanks for visiting!

Update 08/15/2020: Hi, I haven't updated in months, but here I am again lol - finally started putting up photos for my wardrobe, and changed up my dream dress list
Update 05/09/2020: I finally understand CSS, what I did wrong, and etc. I fixed a couple things, and added my dream dress list! I'm still not sure why it's not centering?? I learned what an iframe is whICH IS PRETTY COOL. Proud of myself! Thank God of w3 schools. I'll try to get my coords up here, but many of them aren't really well made for the kinda layout I want yet.
Update 04/18/2020: Added about me section! Working on drawings for it. Why is there a div box line all throughout the page?? It won't go away unless I remove the style CSS UGH - also, added first diary entry
Update 03/19/2020: Website begins. Added links. Slowly building site.